All You Need To Know About Walking Aids & Their Distinctive Benefits


There’s a huge difference between standard walker and rollator. Walkers don’t have wheels while the other counterpart comes with weight bearing wheels that make the movement easier. As a generic walker does not have wheels, the four legs make contact with the ground while you’re moving and thus, has to be lifted every time you step. On the contrary, rollators can be rolled while walking and even comes with a seat. If you are concerned with the rolling functionality in terms of safety, don’t worry, rollators come with handbrakes through which the movement can be controlled. As per the research, it has been seen that maneuvering rollators are easier especially because of the wheel swivel. However, if you have serious issues with balance it is better to choose a standard walker. It is suggested to consult with a certified physician before choosing any moving aid.

Different types of rollators

If you have a condition or injury that requires the help of a mobility aid, it’s time to choose rollators. But, there are different types of rollators available in the market. To choose the best that suits your needs simply consider visiting sites like Some of the basic rollators come with three or four wheels. Rollators with three wheels take the shape of a triangle as the front wheel is situated in the front and the rest of two in the back. This gives perfect support to the user and is often preferred for indoor usage. Maneuvering in the closed spaces is a never a problem as the front wheel eases the functionality. Don’t expect seats in a three wheeled rollator due to minimized space. Considering the four wheels of a rollator, there is a couple of swivel wheels in the front and the rest in the back. The model provides perfect support for every individual who are in need of apt stability while moving. Rollators with four wheels are equipped with padded seat along with a storage space.

How to choose a rollator?

As there are different types of rollators in the market you need to consider some important features that bring large differences between each. Keeping the cosmetic and personal preference in mind you should choose a rollator that is appropriate for your needs. Visit any site like to have a clear idea of the choices and functionality of each rollator. When choosing a rollator always incorporate the aspects of width, weight, availability of seat and number of wheels. Bariatric and transport chair rollators are some form of advanced form of moving aids that are designed to take heavy loads with unique combo features. Most of these walkers are wider than the average size and thus, have the ability to accommodate overweight or obsessed individuals. Typically, the weight capacity ranges from 500 to 700 pound. The height of the handles also plays a key role. Based on your personal height the measurement of the handle is crucial in providing support.