List of Some Common Eye Glass Repairs in Day to Day Life


Many people rely on eye glasses to get crisp and clear vision. However, sometimes you might break your eye glasses and this could be quite inconvenient.

If you are looking for a new pair of glasses or glasses repair Houston, you might want to check memorial eye centre for best services in the city. Besides, getting the right kind of repair is as important as buying a pair. In order, to avoid getting charged exorbitantly, it is essential to get the right advice from a professional and understand the level of damage.

Let’s read few kinds of common eye glass repairs that take place from time to time.

Broken frames

The frames are the ones which hold the lenses in the right place and offers a much clearer vision. Due to various reasons, whether accidents or wear and tear, your frames might break at some point of time. This might result in falling of lens from the frame and might break it. This kind of repair will require binding material to retain the reliability of the frame. Apart from that, the repaired spot in the frame will be covered making it blend perfectly with the frame.

Missing screws

Eye glass comprises of frames which has hinges that connects the temples to the frame. However, there is high possibility of the screws falling off or getting stripped over time affecting the use of the eye glasses. Therefore, eye glass specialist is one of the major requirements to detect such issues and treat it to make the glasses usable.

Replace Nose pad

Some of the eye glasses are fused with nose pads. These nose pads are incorporated to support those glasses on the bridge of the nose. In case of any damage or broken nose pads, you might face trouble in wearing the pair of glasses. Therefore, this is one such condition which might require the assistance of a professional to restore the function of your glasses.

Scratched lenses

Scratches on eyeglasses is unavoidable. Although light scratches can be polished, deep ones are usually not fixable.

Avoid fixing your glasses yourself at home. It is essential on behalf of the customer to know about the right service provider to get the best facility available. On the other hand, it helps you maintain the eye glasses after service and also retain its function at a reasonable price.